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________________® The Pocket Vape



Preliminary User's Manual


The Pocket Vape is still a butane powered, convection vaporizer with closed loop air temperature control. This is something that doesn't exist today.

Butane, when fully combusted, (H2O , CO2) has no taste. Read the Butane Taste Fallacy. What you taste is incompletely burned carbon from a conventional butane lighter.

In this video, I use a conventional butane lighter to put carbon on a coffee cup then burn it off (oxidize) with a butane torch lighter.

Torch lighters mix air with the butane prior to ignition practically guarantying complete combustion.

Butane power can increase the quality of your active ingredients!



Performance testing of earlier Prototypes.

New Model has an integral lighter and a much cooler case design.

Thermal testing. Thermocouples mounted on the flame port, vape body, and in the vape chamber.
Some test results. Click on image for full size. 1/4 turn less (looser, ccw) on the Temp Control

Video of the Ultimate Demo

See how the Temp Control Dial changes temperature

And how inhale rate does not affect temperature control.


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